In 2001, at the age of 18, Adam Palmer, president and founder of Palmer Vision, was diagnosed with RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa). When he was diagnosed he was told he would be blind by the age of 30. Adam was determined to prove this wrong. For the next 17 years he worked in sales and sales management for small private and large publicly traded companies. During these years Adam had a vision to develop his own company, but was not quite sure what he was passionate about. In the summer of 2017, Adam was researching low vision products for himself. After a demonstration with a low vision product, he pursued the opportunity to become a distributor with an assistive technology company. In September 2017, Adam found his company and began his career as a distributor for low vision devices and providing support and training for the visually impaired community.


Since starting his company, Adam has persistently introduced and immersed himself with the visually impaired community. After starting with one product, he quickly realized he needed to provide a variety of products to support the varying needs in the visually impaired community.  Adam’s inspiration for expanding his product line was based on the emotions he experienced watching people read their Bible for the first time in years, caring for their daily living needs, watching TV or seeing the details of a loved ones face.


Palmer Vision has dedicated itself to continuing to create relationships with individuals, vocational agencies such as, state vocational rehab & blind services, Veterans hospitals, low vision doctors, nonprofits and other private and local services, in order to reach our mission of providing assistive technology sales and services to the visually impaired community.