Dazzle 22″ HD




The Dazzle 22HD is a very popular desktop video magnifier that incorporates an integrated light, high definition camera, expert optics and a widescreen LED 22 inch hi resolution monitor.

This is a great unit for reading, writing, viewing photographs, and more. It can be moved as it is not nearly as heavy as the more traditional styles requiring an XY tray.

Magnify near, far, or self view. Rotate and pivot camera to your television allowing you to zoom in on the television screen for television enjoyment.

Auto focus 3-in-1 camera for seeing yourself up close, reading and distance viewing

True mirror image while in self-viewing mode
Memory settings for each camera position
Various arms and positioning options provides maximum flexibility
Detachable camera for use at multiple workstations
22″ HD High Definition monitor provides up to 75x adjustable magnification
Viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
Wrap around dual keypad allows easy access to controls
Computer compatible (Additional hardware required)
Optional rolling carrying case for easy transport ($125)
Left-hand mode
Tilt screen and integrated light
Line markers, object locator, super high contrasts, digital HD and more…
2 year warranty