Iris Vision






Combining leading-edge software lens technology with robust
connectivity tools, IrisVision is the first-ever all-in-one,
wearable smart device for low vision


Stream YouTube Videos

IrisVision 3.0 includes a new video player that allows users to stream online videos when on WiFi. The video player features voice-enabled search; users can simply double-tap the touchpad to activate this mode. Users can then scroll through search results to select a video to watch. Users are able to pause, play, and magnify the videos as they are watching.

Scene Mode

For distance, intermediate or near tasks this vivid, high definition view offers instant auto focus and an industry-leading 70° field of view with up to 14X magnification.

Bubble View Mode

Play cards, games, or enjoy crafts and hobbies using the Bubble View lense to zoom in on areas of interest while keeping the overall scene in context. Customize this lens on the fly by changing size, placement, and magnification of this “virtual telescope.”

Colored Reading Modes

When reading text is difficult such as menus, package instructions, or extended reading of a glared surface, patients choose the color contrast that works best for their vision.

RP Mode

For Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, or other field restrictions, the 70 degree image virtually expands the field of view. Changeable on the fly for various viewing tasks, near to far.

Bioptic Mode

Useful for distance viewing such as reading signs or finding items on a shelf. Magnify a specific area without losing the context of the entire scene. Adjustable level of magnification or move area of focus to top or bottom.

IrisReader (Optical Character Recognition)

IrisVision reads to patients by scanning a page of text and reading aloud. Text is displayed in large, high contrast text while they listen.