Maximize the size of TV screens with the easiest-to-fit, binocular, telescopic distance system ever introduced – MaxTV® glasses!

These hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2.1x magnification AND can be adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately [±3 diopters], making the system adaptable to most patients!

The glasses will focus on objects from distances of 3 m [10 feet] to infinity, and are perfect for watching TV, sporting events, movies, theatre, bird watching, or any other distance viewing activity in which a magnified image would be helpful.

With flexible temples, the 1624-11 MaxTV® telescopic glasses are the most comfortable television viewing device ever. Don’t let your patients rush out and spend thousands on a large screen TV – try the MaxTV® first!

  • Magnification: 2.1x

  • Lens Type: Galilean

  • Lens Material: PXM Plastic

  • Mount: Black frame

  • Frame Size: 137 mm

  • Temple Size: 135 mm

  • Bridge Size: Open saddle

  • Lens Size: 1.25 in.

  • Focal Range: 10 feet to infinity

  • Field of view: 20 degrees

  • PD Range: 60 – 68 mm

  • Weight: 1.7 oz

  • Accessories: Sturdy, protective, framed nylon (with zipper) case included

  • Miscellaneous: +/- 3D of spherical correction allows for adjustment of focal length from 10’