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We Thought Of Almost Everything

We designed Snow 12 to make life easier. We added an analog stick to allow you to pan around a document without needing to move your reading material so much. The foldable stand lifts Snow 12 off the table for times when you’d prefer to place reading materials or objects like a medicine bottle or small item underneath. The stand also makes it much easier to see what you’re writing.

An optional external distance camera makes Snow 12 perfect in school or at work when you need to look at something across the room.

Detachable & Foldable

Snow 12 can be used with or without the foldable stand.

When used outside of the foldable stand,Snow 12 functions like most other handheld video magnifiers. Being folded shut, Snow 12 is thinner than a notebook computer.

A carrying case big enough to hold the Snow 12 and foldable stand together, and a sleeve case bag to hold just the Snow 12 are included for times when you need to travel.

Superior Image Quality

Looking at family photos or enjoying illustrations and other images in recipes and magazines can be enjoyed even more with Snow 12. Our advanced color rendition results in images that look better than ever. We also added contrast customization so that you can make fonts thinner or thicker on demand. If you like to read text in a high contrast mode such as white on black, you will love how sharp the contrast is with Snow 12.

Comfortable Writing Space

Trying to hold the magnifier while signing a check? Make things easier with Snow 12. When used with the foldable stand, Snow 12 is elevated off the table leaving you ample room to write, just like what you find with larger desktop magnification systems. Resume your writing, doodling, signing and creating today!

OCR And Text-To-Speech

With the latest OCR technology, Snow 12 can recognize any of 20+ different languages and convert printed words into speech. Changing the reading speed can be done on the fly. You can even choose between male and female voices. Documents can be saved on Snow 12 for future reading and even exported to a Windows® PC.

More Than Listening To Books

Button or Touch Screen Control with Voice Prompts

When you need to change settings in Snow 12, you can browse through the menu of choices by tapping the on-screen button you want, or by stepping through them with physical buttons on Snow 12. Best of all, Snow 12 speaks to you as you move over on-screen buttons or select them. The ability to use buttons to control and configure Snow 12 is ideal even for the most severely visually impaired. The verbal feedback is helpful too, especially when using Snow 12 for the first time.

SnowLink Distance Camera (Optional)

If you attend school or attend meetings at work, you will frequently need to read or see things that are on the board or being displayed as part of a presentation. SnowLink, the optional external camera for Snow 12 lets you view things that are not close to you, even in high contrast.

This accessory will become available this summer.

For Students & Everyone: Reading Accessible Instructional Materials

Providing accessible curriculum materials to students with visual impairments is important. Snow 12 makes it easy, too.

When connected to a Windows® PC, Snow 12 appears as an external storage device. You can copy over books and other documents in JPG, PDF, RTF, and TXT formats to the memory storage of Snow 12. Documents in JPG and PDF become available immediately for magnified reading. You can also open the documents in all 4 formats within the text-to-speech mode and have words spoken out loud.

A standard headphone port lets you listen to spoken books and documents without disturbing others.


Detachable & foldable stand
Full page scan & reading
Superior image quality
Adjustable high contrast color intensity
Comfortable writing space
Reading accessible instructional materials
Analog stick and touch screen control
Voice prompts
Power saving stand-by mode
OCR and text-to-speech in 20+ languages
SnowLink distance camera (optional)
Magnification 2.7 – 19X/2.5 – 19X on the Foldable Stand*
Display Modes Full color and 10 high contrast color modes
Screen 12″ touch screen
Screen Resolution 1920 × 1280p
Panning Touch screen panning & analog stick panning
Camera 13M pixels
Focus Auto focus/tap to focus
Reading Line and Masks Adjustable horizontal/vertical reading line and masks
Input Port Type-C/HDMI
Battery Approx. 2.5h
Charging Time 2h
Standby Mode Short press the Power button or stop using after 3min
Distance View Camera SnowLink (optional)
PC Connection Via Type-C port
TV/Monitor Connection Via HDMI-in port
OCR Text-to-Speech (optional)
User Interface Image user interface/Text user interface
Language 20+
Automatic Language Detection Available for most languages
File Formats JPG, PDF, RTF, and TXT
Full Page Reading Full-page content scanning on the Foldable Stand
Voice Gender Female/Male (6 languages available only in female)
Zoom Level (Text user interface) 7 magnification levels
Text Color (Text user interface) 4 high contrast color modes
Weight & Dimensions

Unit Weight 960g/2.12 lbs
Stand Weight 1280g/2.82 lbs
Unit Dimensions 290mm × 220mm × 24mm/11.4″ × 8.7″ × 0.94″
Stand Dimensions 350mm × 230mm × 40mm/13.8″ × 9″ × 1.6″
Camera Height 140mm/5.5″, 29mm/11.4″ on the Foldable Stand
Power Adapter

Input 100 – 240V
Output 15V/4A
Operation and Storage Condition

Humidity < 70%
Temperature 10 – 40 °C

* Foldable Stand is available in several regions. Please contact your dealer for more information.


Snow 12 Introductional Video #1: Unpacking Snow 12

Snow 12 Introductional Video #2: Intro to Snow 12 Magnifier

Snow 12 Introductional Video #3: Using Snow 12

Snow 12 Introductional Video #4: Snow 12 Menu & Settings

Snow 12 Introductional Video #5: Text to Speech with Snow 12

Snow 12 Introductional Video #6: Using the Foldable Stand with Snow 12

Snow 12 Introductional Video #7: Using File Transfer


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