Aurora HD




HD – High Definition Image

While taking the best HD camera and advanced auto focus technology, Zoomax Aurora HD provides the sharpest and most comfortable image for visually impaired users. The characters with sharp edge at different magnification levels and movements promise the reading and writing comfort. You could also select your favorite color mode among 17 alternative color modes. That means you can read newspaper or bills, also your favorite collections, jewelers, coins, or post, sign documents or even write letters in focus as long as you wish with less eye strain. If you like to view pictures or colorful magazines, you could never miss any surprise because of the vivid color on the screen.

9 Customized Designs

  • Easily movable and foldable screen

    • You can share your reading with your friends or read cooking recipes at different angles.

  • 24” widescreen

    •  More information at one time or large picture in detail.

  • Customized position of light and adjustable illumination

    • Comfortable reading environment, no glare or shadow bothering.

  • Plug and play

    • No installation trouble. Enjoy reading at instant.

  • Slot for pens

    • Always save your inspiration in time.

  • Bottle holder

    • No matter small or big shape, it can be fixed for your reading all the time.

  • One button for locking XY table separately

    • Magnify full page for reading anytime.

  • Large and highly identified buttons

    • Easy to remember and reach.

  • Customized XY table handles

    • Control the reading material steadily.

Basic And Advanced Functions

Aurora HD cares your distinct operation needs at different operating levels. There are basic and advanced operation modes for your choice.

Basic functions: Zoom in/out; 5 default color modes; Brightness adjustment; Find feature.

Advanced functions: Freeze frame; Focus lock; Reading lines and windows; 17 color modes.


Camera 1280 x 720 pixels auto focus
Screen 1920 x 1080 pixels 24” LCD
Color modes 17 alternative color modes
Multi-function Zoom in/out, Color modes adjustment, Brightness adjustment, Freeze frame,
Multi-function Focus lock, Find feature, Reading lines and windows, Memory setting
Workspace under the camera 18 cm
Net weight 15.8 kg

The Story of the Name “Aurora HD”

One low vision old man told us this story:

I travelled a lot when I was young. Well, getting old, I felt the vision blurring. For years till now, I can no more go out for travelling. Just stay at home, boring.

One day, my grandson asked me: Grandpa, what is your dream?

I told him: my dream is to see Aurora again. I see Aurora when I was young. It’s so splendid, vibrant and impressive! However, I can’t even see clearly the photos of Aurora I took.

We are deeply touched. We told him: No, you can see Aurora again.

Thus, we give the name “Aurora HD” to this desktop electronic magnifier. We hope every low vision people would meet the dream to see the vibrant world again.

Zoomax Aurora HD 24″ Desktop Video Magnifier Operation Video

Why choose Zoomax Aurora HD 24″ Desktop Video Magnifier

Zoomax Vidéo de presentation fonctionnelle de L’Aurora HD French

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