M5 HD Plus Handle




M5 HD Plus Handle is designed under human engineering standards. The width and length of this handle base on human factors, it can be comfortably held for a long time in both reading and distance viewing. The notch design on the handle provides anti-slip and easy to hold features to reduce any accidental injuries.

M5 HD Plus handle

The original design concept of M5 HD Plus Handle is to meet the requirements of different handedness. The handle can be installed and rotated to the angles, you can select the most appropriate one when you are using it. When you are writing, this function could free your dominant hand to hold a pen.

Hold M5 with handle on right hand and Left hand

Weights only 29 g. You can take it and use it anywhere.

Aim the slot’s gap on the handle to the slot on the back of the unit and press to install the handle or you can detach it in the same position. Perfect combination of M5 and its handle is utterly natural.

Install and detach M5 HD Plus Handle